Property Managers

The State Auditor’s Office salutes the Property Managers of the various State agencies and their assistants who make our jobs much easier. Property Managers play a vital role within each department, and they are an extremely important part of their agency’s accountability in State government. It takes a lot of hard work, intentional effort, and dedication of everyone involved from the clerk up to the agency director. According to the National Property Management Association (NPMA), “Asset management is first and foremost a fiduciary responsibility to manage property in a prudent and compliant way”.

All State employees, but especially the Property Managers, should be mindful of the responsibility they have to uphold the public trust. Lost Assets = Lost Public Trust. Our promise to the various Property Managers across State agencies, and to the taxpayer, is that we will continue to push for high accountability in asset management of State-owned personal property. We are grateful for their hard work and commend them for the important job they do for our State agencies and the taxpayers of this great State.

Current Listing of Agency Property Managers

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