My Fellow Alabamians:

Welcome to the website of the Office of the State Auditor. I trust our website will meet your expectations and be user-friendly and helpful to you. In the event you need to offer suggestions or have questions regarding any duty of the State Auditor’s Office, please reach out to us.

I am honored to have the privilege to serve the people of the great State of Alabama as your 41st State Auditor. I promise to uphold the duties of the office as outlined in the Code of Alabama, providing accountability of government employees to all taxpayers.

Our office tracks state-owned property valued at $500 or more, as well as items deemed sensitive in nature. Since all state property is paid for by the citizens of Alabama, I want to make sure that we properly account for every penny of that property. I take pride in the fact that our constitutional office is a prototype to prove that small government works. Our lean, efficient staff covers 76,000 miles across the state of Alabama each year, staying current on audits for 176 state agencies. This office also welcomes input from the public on how to save the state of Alabama money, so feel free to reach out with your suggestions.

Additionally, I will appoint Board of Registrars members across the state that are serious about election integrity. We want every person eligible to vote to be able to register to vote, but those who are ineligible need to be removed from the voter rolls so we can keep our elections secure. Election integrity begins at the local level with Probate Judges, Sheriffs, Circuit Clerks, and your Board of Registrars members. I take the role I play in Alabama elections very seriously and welcome feedback from the public on the job performance and professionalism of any Auditor-appointed Registrar.

I pledge to honor the duties of the office and protect the taxpayers of Alabama through transparency and integrity. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact my office at 334-242-7010. May God bless the people of the Great State of Alabama.


Andrew Sorrell
State Auditor

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