Andrew Sorrell is a thirty-seven-year-old entrepreneur, private pilot, advanced SCUBA diver, Eagle Scout, and former State Representative from House District 3 in Colbert County. After serving one term in the legislature, Andrew decided to run for State Auditor and was elected in November 2022.

Andrew attended Muscle Shoals High School and graduated in 2004. By testing out of many credit hours, taking overloads, and enrolling in summer semesters, Andrew completed his four-year degree in Business Management at the University of North Alabama in less than two years, finishing in July 2006.

Andrew is a successful serial entrepreneur. He started his first company at age sixteen and currently owns part or all of four different Alabama-based businesses, which employ about twenty people. He also owns multiple rental properties, both commercial and residential.

Andrew is married to Hannah, whom he met on a bus in Italy in May 2016 while on a church history tour. By the end of the seventeen-day tour, they were already discussing marriage. Andrew proposed in October of 2016, and they were married in Hannah’s home church in Greenville, South Carolina, in June 2017.

Hannah is thirty years old, has a master’s degree in Communications, and taught special needs at Hidden Treasure Christian School in Taylors, South Carolina, before marrying Andrew and moving to Alabama. Today, Hannah serves the Shoals area as a realtor.

In October 2021, their first child, a daughter they named Liberty, was born. They are expecting their second child in June 2023.

As he is the son, grandson, and great-grandson of preachers, Andrew’s conservative upbringing helped shape his political philosophy. Andrew considers himself a Christian first and a Conservative second.

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